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Creaco Safebreak

Protection Technical specifications

Creaco Safebreak Ecotone Bulbs and Protected Fluorescent Tubes
Coating material DuPont Surlyn Ionomer Resin
Tensile Impact @ 23 ° C; 7.3 kj/m2
Tensile Impact @ -40 ° C; 5.6 kj/m2
Brittleness Temp -75 ° C
Melting Point 95 ° C
Tensile Strength 23 N/mm2
MIT Flex Cycles 3,300
Yield Strength 13 N/mm2
Elongation 460%
Flammability (Std302) Pass
Light Loss (visible spectrum) 3%


Creaco Safebreak 'New Generation' Protected Fluorescent Tubes and Sleevesecure Oversleeves
Designed for use in areas or situations where higher ambient temperatures may be experienced ie: bakeries
Protection material Polycarbonate 
Tensile Impact @ 23 ° C  No failure
Tensile Impact @ -40 ° C  No failure
Brittleness Temp < -60 ° C
Glass Transition Temp 155° C
Tensile Strength 63 N/mm2
Flammability (Std302) Pass
Light Loss (visible spectrum) 3%

The glass retention properties remain the same for both types of protection. We developed the 'New Generation' line for use in areas with higher ambient temperatures, they are also ideal for use in conjunction with our Crystal luminaire. 

6ft and 8ft tubes are protected with 'New Generation' as standard due to operating temperatures as well as our production restrictions not making Surlyn Safebreak coating possible. The smaller size fluorescent tubes can be protected with the 'New Generation' method if required. Prices remain the same for both types of protection.

Application Advice for Creaco Safebreak Protected Fluorescent Tubes

Replace lamps every 10,000 operating hours.

Apply self-stopping lamp control systems. If normal glow switch starters are applied, it is advised to remove them or switch off the lamp at the end of the operating day.

The Creaco Safebreak end-sleeves (Orange identification band) must never be removed.

Application close to heat sources may not be suitable for Safebreak protection, please contact us for alternatives.