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Creaco Ltd

Company Profile

Supplying protected Glassware for over 20 years

Creaco was originally established in 1978, supplying Safebreak surlyn protected glass bottles to the chemical industry and the drinks bottling industry, as well as providing protection for a wide variety of specialised laboratory apparatus.

In the early 1990's Creaco began to produce the Safebreak protected fluorescent tube, to supply the growing demand for glass-free applications to meet modern industrial workplace standards with advent of European integration. 

We have further diversified our product range throughout the 1990's to current day to include a full range of protected lighting products, complete lighting systems, specialist lamp applications, as well as continuing to produce protected bottles and glassware for the chemical industry.

We have always been flexible in our approach, from producing specialist 'one off' small batches through to national and international sales and ongoing supply of contracts to multi-national companies.