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Creaco 'Conservation'

UV-Block Safebreak 

Protected Fluorescent Tubes

In recent years 'Preventative Conservation' is being practiced increasingly in Art Galleries and Museums across the world and the same principles are of considerable importance to libraries, archives and other sensitive areas. The main enemy is UV radiation, which is always emitted by the most common form of general lighting - the fluorescent tube.

A normal daily newspaper for example will discolour after just a few hours exposure to a fluorescent tube.

In response to this, Creaco Ltd have developed the Creaco Safebreak 'Conservation' fluorescent tube; the optimum light source for any areas where valuable documents, paintings, artifacts and other sensitive items must be conserved in pristine condition, yet shown in their best light.


Fig 1: Standard newspaper 'control' sample


Fig 2: Newspaper exposed to Creaco 'Conservation' UV block tube for 48 hours.


Fig 3: Newspaper exposed to unprotected standard fluorescent tube for 48 hours.


The Creaco Safebreak 'Conservation' tube is a fluorescent tube which has been protected by a strong plastic shield. The plastic shield absorbs 98% of the ultra violet radiation generated by fluorescent tubes - more efficient than UV absorbing film and the tube is installed just like a normal fluorescent tube.

A result from a typical tube will show a reduction in UV emission from 89 µw/lumen to less than 1 µw/lumen.

• The Creaco Safebreak Protection will contain any glass fragments, toxic phosphors and mercury should the tube be accidentally broken thus preventing personal injury and contamination of the documents and artifacts

• The Creaco Safebreak Protection can be applied to all types of fluorescent tubes, including the high colour rendition tubes favoured by galleries and museums, with minimum loss of visible light and negligible colour shift.

The additional bonus is that the added cost of using Creaco Safebreak 'Conservation' tube over using an ordinary high colour rendition tube is modest.