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Creaco Ecotone

Safebreak Protected Lightbulbs

The protected version of the Phillips energy saving light bulb.

Lightbulbs need glass to function and when they are being changed there is always a risk that they can be dropped and break, scattering shards of glass over a wide area. 

In factories, fluorescent lamps are used and for many years Creaco Ltd have supplied Creaco Safebreak protected fluorescent tubes to cover this contingency. On farms and in some food factories however, the lighting is often conventional light bulbs with bayonet fittings, which are difficult to protect and certainly not energy efficient.

Creaco have the answer - The Safebreak Ecotone bulb

A tough plastic coating encapsulates the bulb so if it is broken the shards of glass and other potential contaminants are contained and can be disposed of safely. This therefore complies with the ruling that any area where food ingredients prepared or stored should be completely 'glass free'.

But that is not all.

The most expensive part of any light bulb is the electricity it consumes. The Philips Ecotone bulb uses only one fifth of the power used by a filament light bulb with a similar light output plus it lasts six times longer. The result is a safe solution for your lighting needs that pays for itself time and time again.

The Philips Ecotone light bulbs with their softer light are also ideal for all domestic applications - fitting in everywhere. Their economy makes them particularly suitable for those areas where lamps are left burning such as halls and landings, and their safety makes them ideal for places like children's bedrooms.

9w, 12w and 20w Philips ecotone with Safebreak protection (equivalent to 40, 60 and 100w soft-tone) are held in stock, and screw fittings are available.