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Creaco Safebreak Reflex

Protected Fluorescent Tubes

The Reflex is a protected triphosphor fluorescent tube with an internal reflector which concentrates the light output though a 160° window. In many instances this makes an external reflector unnecessary.


Reflex colour key chart:
Internal reflector
Glass tube wall
Safebreak Protection
Creaco Safebreak Reflex -The protected fluorescent tube that gives up to twice the light output for the same power consumption. 

The Reflex tube is based upon a triphosphor fluorescent tube, which have 30% greater light output than a standard halophosphate tube. The Reflex tube can give up to twice the average light output over standard halophosphate tubes due to the internal reflector; one Reflex tube may replace two standard tubes giving 50% power savings.

Also, a standard halophosphate tube will lose up to 30% of its lumen output over the lamp life as opposed to a minimal loss for a triphosphor lamp. Both of these factors combined add up to double the lumen output over lamp life for a triphosphor lamp.

Creaco Safebreak security -In the event of accidental breakage all the glass fragments and toxic phosphor powders are safely contained by the Creaco protection.

Lower re-lamping costs -One Creaco Reflex tube costs less than two standard tubes yet gives higher average light output.

Lower installation costs -In new installations, single fittings with Creaco Reflex tubes can replace twin fittings with ordinary tubes at a lower unit cost, whilst delivering the same lumen output

Environmental benefits -The longer tube life of Creaco Reflex triphosphor based lamps, coupled with a fewer number of lamps required for the same lumen output lead to less lamps used over time; hence less re-lamping and disposal which leads to positive environmental benefits.