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Creaco Safebreak

Protected Fluorescent Tubes

Safety fluorescent tubes for the food industry

Changing fluorescent tubes is never easy - they are long, fragile and unwieldy and the sockets for the tube pins are small and awkward to locate.

If dropped, a tube will shatter, scattering shards of glass, toxic phosphor powders and mercury over a wide area. A simple mishandling accident can often have disastrous results, which are expensive to correct.

Locations where food, packaging materials or other sensitive goods are manufactured, packed, processed or displayed are especially vulnerable to this contamination. Factories, kitchens, warehouses, shops, hospitals, offices, sports and leisure halls, laboratories, nurseries and even in the home (the list is endless) are all potential risk areas from broken glass and other harmful substances

Creaco Safebreak Protected fluorescent tubes provide the answer

The whole range of fluorescent tubes from standard white to the specialist tubes  used for display and other technically demanding areas are now available with Creaco Safebreak protection - a tough covering of clear plastic applied under factory controlled conditions.

Should the tube shatter, Creaco Safebreak absorbs the implosion and traps the glass fragments, the phosphor cloud and the metallic mercury, thus preventing widespread contamination. The resulting 'snake' is then disposed of easily without the aggravation normally associated with fluorescent tube disposal.

Creaco Safebreak is the most effective fluorescent tube protection method available. The tube is safe from the moment it enters your premises to the end of its useful life. The light output is higher than alternative methods and the cost is significantly lower.

Quality audits from major retail groups, HSE, and other authoritative bodies recognize Creaco Safebreak as a most effective solution for fluorescent tube protection for glass free factories.