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Creaco Sleevesecure

Protective Clear Oversleeve

Oversleeve protection for glass-free environments

Creaco have manufactured Safebreak fluorescent tubes for a number of years and where possible promote these as the best form of protected lighting in the market place. However, we have recognised that some customers prefer the continued use of 'the oversleeve'. Creaco Sleevesecure was developed with this in mind, as well as a simple yet efficient solution to overcome the storage and distribution problems of fluorescent tubes faced by many of our customers.

As with our Creaco Safebreak protected fluorescent tubes, Sleevesecure meets HACCP, glass free and other safety regulations, making it the ideal solution in locations where food, packaging materials and other sensitive goods are especially vulnerable to contamination.

The polycarbonate sleeve used in Sleevesecure also has good light transmission and longevity.


Securely bonded Oversleeve protection

We believe there is no comparison to the bonded protection our oversleeve offers. In our opinion many competitor's alternatives have a flaw in the way in which the oversleeve is connected to the fluorescent tube. The main methods are epoxy end caps and silicon rubber sleeving. Both of these methods allow the lamp and oversleeve to become detached during drop tests, hence not all the glass and other contaminants are securely contained.

Our Sleevesecure is easy to apply with the assistance of an everyday heat gun, bonding the lamp and oversleeve together ensuring a complete seal.

The Sleevesecure is available in all sizes, either clear or with a range of coloured filters.