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Creaco Safebreak Ecotone

Interested in saving money and meeting glass free safety standards?

Consider a Poultry House or large Grain store with 400 conventional filament light bulbs. Crop Assurance and HACCP require a glass free environment, so light bulbs -the main risk for glass contamination - need to be protected.

The following case study shows how safety standards can be achieved with tremendous cost savings through the use of Ecotone bulbs.

We based our calculations on 400 x 20w Creaco Safebreak Ecotone bulbs, operating for 5,000 hours. This is equivalent to 400 x 100w standard GLS bulbs.

Safebreak Ecotone Bulbs = (400 bulbs x 8.50¹ x 1³) = 3400
Power consumption = (400 bulbs x 5000hours x 0.02kw x 4.5p) = 1800

Total Cost 

= 5200


GLS bulbs (protected) = (400 bulbs x 8.95² x 5³) =17,900
Power consumption = (400 bulbs x 5000hours x 0.1kw x 4.5p) =9,000

Total Cost  

= 26,900

This represents a saving of 21,700 per 5,000 hours

¹ This is the list price from which we can offer competitive discounts, therefore resulting in further savings
² This is the list price from a competitor, presumably also able to offer discounts
³ 20w Ecotone Bulb life = 5000hours, GLS 100w bulb life = 1000 hours