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Creaco 'Reflex' protected tubes
Are you interested in saving money?

Imagine a warehouse or food hall with 200 twin fittings. The lights are on 24hours per day for 350 days per year, with an energy consumption of 69w per lamp system. The cost for a unit of electricity is 4.5 pence.

The potential energy savings when replacing two standard 5' 58w halophosphate tubes, with a single 5' 58w Creaco Safebreak Reflex tube are as follows (A single reflex tube can be used by itself in a double fitting in most cases.)

One Creaco Safebreak Reflex tube gives the equivalent light output of two halophosphate tubes

Annual power consumption per Creaco Safebreak Reflex tube:

1x 8,400hrs x 0.069kw x 0.045p = 26.08

Annual power consumption of 2 Creaco Safebreak halophosphate tubes:

2x 8,400hrs x 0.069kw x 0.045p = 52.16

Therefore, the annual energy comparison on a food hall of 200 twin fittings:

Creaco Safebreak Reflex tubes: 26.08 x 200 = 5,216

Standard tubes: 52.16 x 200 = 10,432

Therefore, changing to Creaco Safebreak Reflex could result in:

An energy saving of 5,216 per year

In addition, a Reflex tube costs less than 2 standard halophosphate tubes, and also lasts half as long again as they are based on the Triphosphor tube.

Also, if Creaco Safebreak Reflex tubes are used in conjunction with our Creaco Crystal luminaries with electronic ballasts there area even bigger savings to be made. Contact us for further information.

See the results for yourself - we have an excellent demonstration to show you. Call us to arrange an appointment.