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Creaco Crystal

IP65 Fluorescent luminaire for Food factories and Glass free areas

The all-in-one package for modern efficient lighting

A non-corrosive fitting used in conjunction with the Creaco Safebreak New Generation protected fluorescent tube which gives IP65 properties without using troublesome diffusers.

Diffusers are the weak-point of IP65 luminaires since they are cumbersome to handle and as they age they absorb a lot of light and become brittle - adding to the contamination risk. The Creaco Crystal complete luminaire system using Creaco Safebreak New Generation protected fluorescent tubes overcomes this.

Single fittings are available in 2ft, 4ft and 5ft lengths.

Twin fittings are available in 4ft and 5ft lengths.

Creaco Crystal luminaires are easy to install and maintain, they can be washed down and cleaned in place without removal of luminaires or diffusers.

Further efficiency can be obtained by specifying Creaco Reflex tubes, more details can be found here.

The perfect answer to efficient lighting in a food factory


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Owk136 1260 900 133 65
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Owk236 1260 900 133 126
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