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Creaco Coloured

Safebreak Protected 

Fluorescent Tubes and Oversleeves

Protected Tubes for decorative applications

Creaco Safebreak coloured fluorescent tubes are based on our new generation protection. the polycarbonate sleeving promotes the best fragment retention, best light transmission, the longest life and the best resistance to thermal abuse. Complete with high specification coloured filters all encasing the fluorescent tube.

Alternatively, we have the Sleevesecure range which has similar technical advantages as the New Generation tube but allows freedom to change. We believe there is no comparison to our bonded protection. Competitors alternative methods using epoxy end caps and silicon rubber sleeving may allow the lamp and oversleeve to become detached if the lamp is dropped, hence not all the glass and other contaminants are securely contained within.

We have supplied numerous fields with coloured applications including the obvious nightclubs, bars and shop windows through to IT manufacturers and the 'extreme' farming environments.

Creaco keep primary coloured filters in stock; other colours and technical specification filters are available to order. All sizes are available from 6" to 8ft.

For UV filters please visit our 'conservation' product page here.


1. Yellow
2. Orange
3. Deep Orange
4. Red
5. Scarlet
6. Pink
7. Green
8. Light Green
9. Italian Blue
10. Blue
11. Medium Lavender
12. Fuchsia