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Creaco Crystalline

Custom luminaires for

continuous lighting solutions 

Creaco Crystalline lighting solutions
Creaco Crystalline is a flexible lighting system, which will enable you to transform your sales area or workplace with low cost lighting solutions. 

Modern technology for performance and efficiency 

The Creaco Crystalline lighting system primarily uses Philips 'Master' T5 tubes and electronic performer ballasts. (T8 fitments are also available). 

The benefits of T5 tubes include small 16mm diameter for 'slimline' fitments , good colour rendering (Ra>80), High efficiency (HE) or High output (HO) options depending on criteria. Also, T5 tubes can be up to 22% more efficient than their T8 counterparts (i.e.: the 4ft 54w HO T5 produces the same lumens as a conventional 5' T8 lamp, while using less space and power)

The Philips HF 'performer' range of electronic ballasts has the benefits of warm start technology. The lamp electrodes are preheated (0.5s) before ignition voltage is applied, meaning that the lamp electrodes suffer very little damage on each start and ignition voltage is lower than needed in a cold start circuit. 

Other benefits of electronic HF ballasts are substantial cost savings through increased tube life and ~25% lower energy consumption/maintenance costs. Also, lamp start up is smooth and rapid, and no lamp flickering occurs during operation. 

Flexible lighting to suit your needs.

Creaco Crystalline is versatile lighting system, ideal for presentations, or creating a theme or ambience for display at point of sale; or for providing powerful compact and efficient lighting for the workplace.

The system can be used to highlight products displays or work areas through using different ambience lamps (Colours 830/835/840, ra80/ra90 etc) depending on the colour rendering required. The Crystalline system can be also used in conjunction with Creaco coloured filters to bring instant colour to transform your sales/presentation area. More information here. 

The fluorescent tubes used in the crystalline system are protected to ensure no injury or contamination should occur if the lamp is accidentally broken.

The Crystalline system is also very efficient, providing high light output whilst remaining cost effective. i.e.: a 5 metre length only uses the same power as an ordinary 100w household light bulb.

Creaco Crystalline can be supplied in kit form for in house experimentation or lighting layouts can be designed and supplied 'made to measure'. Lighting can run from 150mm to 'infinite' lengths (luminaire sections can be connected continuously).

Please contact us for any further information regarding the crystalline system.