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Creaco Crystal Complete
Can save you money!

The savings, which can be realised by replacing old electromagnetic luminaries using standard halophosphate lamps for Creaco Crystal luminaries equipped with electronic ballasts and Creaco Reflex lamps are enormous.

In most instances, one Reflex tube gives the same light output as two ordinary tubes

Typical power consumption comparison:

2 x 58w halophosphate tubes with conventional gear:   141 watts total

1 x 58w Creaco Reflex tube with electronic gear:           58 watts total

Power saving of almost 60%

The electronic ballast in the Crystal luminaire gives further savings - up to 25%

So imagine a warehouse with 200 twin fittings replaced by 200 single Crystal fittings with reflex tubes. The lamps are on for 24 hours a day for 350 days per year and the cost for a unit of electricity is 4.5 pence

Old system annual power cost:       10,659

Creaco Crystal annual power cost:    4,384

Annual saving of:  6,275

And don't forget that you can replace the tubes in your existing luminaires with Creaco Reflex tubes, causing minimum disruption, yet still achieving very significant savings. More information can be found on Creaco Reflex tubes here.

See the results for yourself, we have an excellent demonstration to show you. Call us to arrange an appointment.